Buying Rap Beats

rapbeatsAspiring rappers and hip hop artists purchase their rap beats online. Looking for instrumental beats is easy. However, you need to keep some factors in mind. Some go for beats that are radio friendly. Others look for a style that best represents their image. You also need to think of the technicalities before buying any rap beats for sale.

What do you plan with the beats you’ve purchased? Are you gonna use if for your song and make a profit out of it? Or is it just a sample music you intend to demonstrate? Let the producers know what you plan with their beats so as they can inform you on what type of license is best for you. If you plan to make a profit out of it, the exclusive license is what you should go for. The total ownership will be transferred to you. Ensure that the beat you’ve purchased has not been bought before. If you are just using the beat to create a mixtape or just to use it once or twice on performance, then it would be cheaper. This is the non-exclusive agreement.

You can also contract the beat producer and ask him if the beats come with a digital agreement. If possible, contact them by phone as this is a great way to ascertain if they are professionals who know how to answer your questions. Get a copy of the contract and check the information with regards to some profitable distributions as well as the extent of the lease (This is for the non-exclusive rights) or if you have purchased an exclusive contract, see to it that it states a transfer of full ownership to you.

You can visit forums and message boards to check about buying instrumental beats online. You can find genuine feedback on the experiences most artists has had. You can also find recommendations or negative reviews with regards to a specific beat website.

Choosing Your Web Hosting Company

webhostingDeciding on a web hosting company takes time and research. There are a lot of good companies out there, and all of them offers reputable work. Understanding the mechanics of web hosting and how the companies utilize them will provide you the necessary factors from which you could base your decision.

Knowing what you need will determine how you choose. You need to know what your website is going to be like. This will help you lessen your choices. Will you use a WordPress template? How much traffic can you generate for your website? Does your website require a special software? Understanding these factors will enable you to choose the web hosting company that suits you.

It’s a no-brainer that people would look for the highest quality with the lowest price. Although there are some free web hosting services, you need to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong, those fee web hosting services does have its purpose, they are perfect when you are still beginning and need to practice on some websites. But sooner rather than later, you will have to look for a quality web hosting service as the free ones have limited features. You will have to pay a small fee to gain access to the many web hosting features. These features like the one you can find using this InMotion Hosting Coupon are the essential tools for you to create a great website.

You also need to check what type of security the web hosting companies have to offer. The basics usually just cover the firewalls and a few minor security features. But if will be having a lot of competitors on whatever niche your website is going for, then you will have to acquire a strong security system that will allow safe guard you from hackers.

The next important factor you need to consider is the storage amount. This determines how much content you can put into your website. Images, videos, and a database will all be placed on your site, however, if your website isn’t content-heavy, then you can just go for the primary storage which provides a decent enough space.


Tracking A Cellphone

locatingacellphoneDo you want to track a cellphone? Are you worried someone is tracking you? The technology today makes it possible to easily track a cellphone. Phone companies have this feature which allows to them to track any mobile users that use their service.

Global Positioning System is the technology used by these companies. Different apps use this technology on all smartphones. They use to show results that are appropriate to your location or lets you know the nearest restaurant that is available. GPS has a lot of use like locating your location if you are lost or finding where you left your phone.

For parents this feature could come in handy in times of trouble. They could easily know where their children are.

The GPS works by the use of more than 30 satellites orbiting the planet. They are around 20,000km above the earth. A phone needs at least 3 satellites to connect to pinpoint your location in the planet. Latitude and longitude is calculated along with your movement by your mobile phone with the use of the 3 signals coming from the satellites. A fourth satellite can determine your altitude.

Another way to track a cellphone is by using a number reverse phone look up. A reverse search can be made with both landline and cellphone. This website localiser un téléphone can help you with tracking. The result will give you a first and last name, location and the address of the owner. This is usually done to track prank callers or an unlisted phone number that keeps harassing you.

A reverse look up is a kind of service which you can avail online. The service provider has access to a large database of subscribers. This is legal as long as you have the authority to check the number. Filing a complaint with the police can also help if you are dealing with harassment and prank callers.


Windows 10 Upgrade – Is It Business-Friendly?

windows-10A new operating system is always a big deal, particularly if your a business that depends on the functionality of computers. Switching to a new OS is not an easy decision as with it comes the expense of a license for each single computer. Microsoft did provide a time period by which you can upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for free. Most businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity and switched. However for those who are still having doubts (probably because of the windows 8 trauma) here a some of the benefits of the Windows 10 that are worth noting.

It is easier to get used to the new OS if you are moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but it’s whole different story if you are coming from Windows 8. With Windows 10, the start menu is still at the same place where were all used to. It is quite simple when it comes to launching applications and programs.

With regards to organizing files, research shows that most people are even more comfortable with Windows 10 as compared to Windows 8 or 8.1. It takes a little getting used to but everything will come to speed within a few hours of usage. With the interface, everything pretty much works the same, if not even simpler.

Being a business owner, you’d pretty much want to know the required specifications for the Windows 10. All of its features wouldn’t amount to anything if it can’t run smoothly with your device. To fix Windows error, you can get help on their website or just call them just like the previous versions of Windows. You’d be safe as long as you have a minimum of 4GB RAM.

Keep in mind that the download size for the update is 3 GB. Depending on your connection, the download could be finished within an hour or less. At this point, people recommend getting a login account for Microsoft. You can make use of this single account on multiple devices. The operating system also comes with a touch screen function but still works perfectly fine without it, as the latest desktops and laptops still don’t have this feature. Not that the touch screen function is used much on business computers.

Switching to Windows 10 is pretty much a necessity for most businesses. You might feel a bit unacquainted with the system at first, but after a day of getting used to, your business will be back to running smoothly if not more efficiently than ever.




Six Cool Gadgets To Buy Right Now

Technology is evolving so fast and continuously upgrading. Every year there are lots of new cool gadgets that we never imagined could exist. We have picked some of the hottest and coolest gadgets on the market that are really awesome.


1. Sensorwake. This alarm clock will not just make a loud noise but it’s beyond ordinary. It diffuses a scent that you would like to smell in the morning. Something that will make you rise up from bed like the aroma of your coffee or mint. It can also be the scent of money. You can choose what kind of scent would you like to smell at your appointed time. Something that can make your nose twitch and can drive you out of your bed. This Sensorwake will cost you about $110.

2. Origin PC Omni. This desktop PC performs as good as how it looks. It has the latest and powerful components with the beautiful ultrawide curved monitor 3440×1440 resolution for a smooth yet powerful and can be upgraded gaming PC. This will cost you estimated $2,000.

3. LG Signature Refrigerator. This refrigerator will open once it senses you standing in front of it. When you knock the window, it will also turn the lights on for you to see the goodies inside it. You don’t need to open the door to see what’s inside it.

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator
Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

4. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator. This ref has a big touchscreen monitor in front. It has some useful apps and it can also send pictures to you of the goodies inside it with its camera. This can be very expensive but so impressive.

5. Nikon D5. This professional camera has the highest light sensitivity with ISO 3,280,000. This is for photographers who want to capture things that are moving too fast in dark places.

6. Moff Fitness Band. This Moff band lets you play Pac-Man by using arm gestures. It recognizes your gestures and this game can be fun and will also let you burn some fats. It looks silly but I think this is fun. This will cost you roughly $55.


8 Foods To Naturally Increase Fertility

There is a saying that in order to succeed you need to fail. But what if you have failed a lot and has tried everything in order to conceive? You will need all the help you can get, even from food.

Here are 8 foods to naturally increase fertility.

leafyLeafy Greens
This is no surprise here because of its high folate and vitamin B which helps in ovulation. Folate for men also makes their sperm healthier.

A good source of folate and vitamin E. Vitamin E can help improve the lining of woman’s uterus. It is also rich in folate which helps your body before and during pregnancy.

Try including beetroot in your salad. It is an excellent source of antioxidant resveratrol which helps against age-related infertility.

Omega 3 is needed to be at optimal levels for female infertility. Whether you are trying to conceive or not, the benefits of omega 3 is just too good to ignore. It improves your eye, brain function and cardiovascular.

This nut is for the male. Sperm quality is improved with daily intake of walnuts. It has cancer-fighting properties and is a good source of omega 3 too.

Some consider watercress to be a superfood due to its abundant nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The antioxidants found on this vegetable can slow the oxidative stress from free radical damage.

Back in the day, it is considered as the symbol of fertility by Persians. Aside from the rich nutrients, it helps in prevention of brain damage for your future baby.

Another superfood which is gluten free and rich in vegetable proteins. Proteins requirement increases during pregnancy and trying to conceive.

The quality of food you eat can affect the health of your future baby. Being healthy before conceiving means you are being a responsible parent.



Proper Designs Of A Wooden Gate

woodengateGates can be used as for both decorative and security purposes. With a few tips, we can help you choose the right one and install it properly. We will discuss 3 basic principles that every wooden gate should have. They are the type of wood, brace, and posts.

  • Type of wood – Not all woods are created equal. We’d want to use a lumber that is are suited for outdoors, which means it should be rot resistant. The top of the list is Red and White Cedar. The price is low but it can have dents due to its softness. If you have the budget you can use either White Oak or English Oak. These lumber are known for their strength. Black Locust is recommended if you are looking for a lumber with good weathering characteristics.
  • Cross brace – The cross brace is a support that starts from the top corner down to the lower hinged side of the gate. It supports and holds the gate at a 90-degree angle to the posts it is attached to. The key here is the angle of the brace from its base. The general rule is that it should be more than 45 degrees because lower than that means that it is an ineffective brace. More weight will be applied on the hinges.
  • Post – There are things you need to consider in installing a post. First, you need the check the depth of frost. If frost is not an issue, you can dig a 30-inch deep hole but if your location is affected by frost, you will need to know how deep your typical frost is. You will start your 30 inches count after the frost level. The width of the hole depends on the width of your post. If your post is 5 inches wide you will need to dig a hole with 11 inches width. Put some gravel in the hole to help with drainage. Next, drop the post and fill the rest with concrete. Make sure  the post is straight up by using a spirit level.

These are just the basics that you need to do a checklist to ensure that your wooden gate lasts for years to come.



What is Cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraph is a term created by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. It refers to a still image that contains a small section that moves repeatedly. It was used during their collaboration on a story of New York’s Fashion Week.

Basically, the image is a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) with very little movement. GIFs are used mostly in memes found on Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook and other social networking sites. The GIFs found on these sites are usually short movie clips that are funny or intriguing. The clips loop indefinitely.

The difference between those funny clips and cinemagraph is the ability to make a certain section of the image alive. The image looks realistic and thought-provoking.

The idea is to create a movie clip with only a certain part moves and will loop indefinitely. Imagine an image of a person with its hair moving as if blown by a soft breeze. No other part of the body is moving except that hair which goes back and forth.

To create cinemagraph, the concept should be focused on one or two moving objects while the rest are static. Examples are the changing expression of a face or swaying of leaves. Overlapping the movement with other objects will create problems when editing.

A tripod is required while shooting the raw video. The goal is to make sure the surrounding objects are steady. Shaky hands will disrupt the effect of stillness. An image editing software like Photoshop is required to edit and isolate the moving object while keeping the surrounding objects static.

A lot of people are using this technique for different purposes like movie posters, campaigns or just advertisements.

Do you have your own cinemagraph image? What is the concept? If possible we would love to see it. You can share yours by commenting below.