Six Cool Gadgets To Buy Right Now

Technology is evolving so fast and continuously upgrading. Every year there are lots of new cool gadgets that we never imagined could exist. We have picked some of the hottest and coolest gadgets on the market that are really awesome.


1. Sensorwake. This alarm clock will not just make a loud noise but it’s beyond ordinary. It diffuses a scent that you would like to smell in the morning. Something that will make you rise up from bed like the aroma of your coffee or mint. It can also be the scent of money. You can choose what kind of scent would you like to smell at your appointed time. Something that can make your nose twitch and can drive you out of your bed. This Sensorwake will cost you about $110.

2. Origin PC Omni. This desktop PC performs as good as how it looks. It has the latest and powerful components with the beautiful ultrawide curved monitor 3440×1440 resolution for a smooth yet powerful and can be upgraded gaming PC. This will cost you estimated $2,000.

3. LG Signature Refrigerator. This refrigerator will open once it senses you standing in front of it. When you knock the window, it will also turn the lights on for you to see the goodies inside it. You don’t need to open the door to see what’s inside it.

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator
Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

4. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator. This ref has a big touchscreen monitor in front. It has some useful apps and it can also send pictures to you of the goodies inside it with its camera. This can be very expensive but so impressive.

5. Nikon D5. This professional camera has the highest light sensitivity with ISO 3,280,000. This is for photographers who want to capture things that are moving too fast in dark places.

6. Moff Fitness Band. This Moff band lets you play Pac-Man by using arm gestures. It recognizes your gestures and this game can be fun and will also let you burn some fats. It looks silly but I think this is fun. This will cost you roughly $55.