Windows 10 Upgrade – Is It Business-Friendly?

windows-10A new operating system is always a big deal, particularly if your a business that depends on the functionality of computers. Switching to a new OS is not an easy decision as with it comes the expense of a license for each single computer. Microsoft did provide a time period by which you can upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for free. Most businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity and switched. However for those who are still having doubts (probably because of the windows 8 trauma) here a some of the benefits of the Windows 10 that are worth noting.

It is easier to get used to the new OS if you are moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but it’s whole different story if you are coming from Windows 8. With Windows 10, the start menu is still at the same place where were all used to. It is quite simple when it comes to launching applications and programs.

With regards to organizing files, research shows that most people are even more comfortable with Windows 10 as compared to Windows 8 or 8.1. It takes a little getting used to but everything will come to speed within a few hours of usage. With the interface, everything pretty much works the same, if not even simpler.

Being a business owner, you’d pretty much want to know the required specifications for the Windows 10. All of its features wouldn’t amount to anything if it can’t run smoothly with your device. To fix Windows error, you can get help on their website or just call them just like the previous versions of Windows. You’d be safe as long as you have a minimum of 4GB RAM.

Keep in mind that the download size for the update is 3 GB. Depending on your connection, the download could be finished within an hour or less. At this point, people recommend getting a login account for Microsoft. You can make use of this single account on multiple devices. The operating system also comes with a touch screen function but still works perfectly fine without it, as the latest desktops and laptops still don’t have this feature. Not that the touch screen function is used much on business computers.

Switching to Windows 10 is pretty much a necessity for most businesses. You might feel a bit unacquainted with the system at first, but after a day of getting used to, your business will be back to running smoothly if not more efficiently than ever.