Tracking A Cellphone

locatingacellphoneDo you want to track a cellphone? Are you worried someone is tracking you? The technology today makes it possible to easily track a cellphone. Phone companies have this feature which allows to them to track any mobile users that use their service.

Global Positioning System is the technology used by these companies. Different apps use this technology on all smartphones. They use to show results that are appropriate to your location or lets you know the nearest restaurant that is available. GPS has a lot of use like locating your location if you are lost or finding where you left your phone.

For parents this feature could come in handy in times of trouble. They could easily know where their children are.

The GPS works by the use of more than 30 satellites orbiting the planet. They are around 20,000km above the earth. A phone needs at least 3 satellites to connect to pinpoint your location in the planet. Latitude and longitude is calculated along with your movement by your mobile phone with the use of the 3 signals coming from the satellites. A fourth satellite can determine your altitude.

Another way to track a cellphone is by using a number reverse phone look up. A reverse search can be made with both landline and cellphone. This website localiser un téléphone can help you with tracking. The result will give you a first and last name, location and the address of the owner. This is usually done to track prank callers or an unlisted phone number that keeps harassing you.

A reverse look up is a kind of service which you can avail online. The service provider has access to a large database of subscribers. This is legal as long as you have the authority to check the number. Filing a complaint with the police can also help if you are dealing with harassment and prank callers.