FIFA Features

fifa 18FIFA 18 has made some groundbreaking steps in the virtual reality game. Some gameplay changes have been implemented. From shooting, defending, goalkeeping and passing. FIFA is a football game created by Electronic Arts Inc.  Electronic Arts Inc. is a software company that’s been leading in the interactive entertainment. EA provides games, online services for online consoles, mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

FIFA has included the woman’s national teams, a first in history. The twelve international teams. Germany, Spain, USA, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, England and China will appear. This is a great start to further incorporate the women’s domestic league.

Tackling improvements have been made. Back on the older FIFA versions, the striker would leave the defender on the pitch if his tackle slide fails to take away the ball. Now it is also possible for the striker to stand up after the slide and regain possession. The time of get up from a tackle has now been shortened.

One of the major flaws on FIFA 15 was the long distance goals. Any player with a good accuracy and stamina can score a goal all the way from the half line. Now EA Sports have fixed this problem and has added new features to enhance the defending capabilities of the keeper.

The quick pass features now enable you to avoid interceptions from the field. Players can now initiate a quick pass by pressing the pass and bumper button. This sends a fast and direct pass that denies the opposing players to intercept the ball.

Another recent improvement is the shooting. New animations have been added to provide a fresh feel in the game. There had been a few bugs with the shooting action from the previous FIFA games, most of those bugs and errors have now been fixed.