What To Look For In Buying Tactical Gears

swatA tactical gear is a collection of gears and apparel that is used by law enforcement and military. These gears are also used by airsoft hobbyist and survival enthusiast. Having the right equipment gives you a great advantage over your opponent regardless if you are dodging a bullet or just playing airsoft.

Here is a list of things to look out for in buying tactical gears:

  1. Weight – The overall weight affects your mobility in combat. Survival increases if you can move fast in an instant whether you are chasing or running for your life. Did you know that the average US soldier’s gear weighs about 60 lbs? The weight increases with different uses like medics or extended patrol. Know which equipment can weigh you down and try to look for lighter alternatives.
  2. Material Quality – The most common material used in a tactical gear like a vest or chest rigs is called 500D nylon. This is a high-quality nylon that is tough enough and is still light weight compared to its higher version 1000D. If your job is within the law enforcement or a security detail you’d want only the best. Never sacrifice quality for the price. Your life could depend on the quality of your gears.
  3. Flexibility – Most tactical gear comes in two camouflage designs namely woodland and urban tiger camo. From the name itself, you know that woodland is for jungles or plant-rich environment while the urban tiger is for urban/city location. From this distinction, you can easily know which one to buy.
  4. Comfort – These gears like boots and vest protect you from harm but do they feel comfortable? Tactical winter jackets are designed for cooler climates. There are different layering gear which you should know when to use. Some are designed to cool, warm or dry.

These are the most common qualities to look for when getting your tactical gears. If you have some suggestions feel free to comment below.